Consumer Alert: Chevrolet Equinox Problems Reported

A number of consumers have recently reported problems with their Chevrolet Equinox. Some of the complaints that we have seen repeatedly include:

Foul Odors - numerous consumers are reporting smelling a foul odor coming from the engine or the air conditioning system of the Equinox. The problem often occurs when the engine is hot, and reportedly fills the passenger area with what one consumer called "a dead animal smell". The problem seems to be caused by defective coolant hoses that react to the Dexcool in the engine coolant. The coolant causes the hoses to decompose turning the coolant brown and causing the foul odor.

Grinding Noise - consumers report are grinding or rubbing noise coming from the front of the Equinox while driving at slow speeeds or while turning. The problem has been identified as bad struts and Chevrolet has issued several TSB's on the problem. Unfortunately, consumers report that the problems remain even after having the struts replaced numerous times.

Check Engine Light - We have heard many complaints that the Check Engine light goes on and that dealers have been unable to find the cause despite many attempts to do so.

Water Leak - Several consumers are reporting that they are having problems with water leaks in their Equinox. The most common symptom appears to be water leaking into the tire well, although there have been symptoms of leaks elsewhere in the cabin.

Whether due to a design or manufacturing issue, or a result of poor responsiveness by the dealer, if you are unsatisfied with the efforts made to repair your Chevrolet Equinox under warranty service, we can help. Simply fill out and email our free case review form or call us at 1-800-LEMON-LAW (1-800-536-6652). We will be glad to review your case at no charge.

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