Chevy Avalanche Water Leaks and Mildew Problems

Avalanche owners - is there water leaking into your cab? Are your carpets consistently wet after it rains? Are they damp after washing your truck? Does your carpet smell of mildew? You are not alone! Water leaking into the cabin is the number one reported complaint from Chevrolet Avalanche users. If you are experiencing problems with water leaking into your cab, you may have a legitimate claim for recovery under the lemon law.

In a survey on the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club Forum, 132 Avalanche owners reported having problems with water leaking into their cabs. Despite numerous TSB's (technical service bulletins) attempting to fix the various water leaks, over 80% of those Avalanche owners are still reporting water leaks in their cabs.

Some of the most common reported problems include:

  • Defective seals around the extended cab doors
  • Defective seals between the seams between sheet metal parts by the rear seat belt mounts
  • Defective seams in the front and rear wheel wells
  • Defective rubber seals or weather stripping around the midgate
  • Problems with the water management system
  • Poorly designed water drains inside the rear of the cab

Not only are these reported problems inconvenient (one Chevy Avalanche owner reported one inch of water in the floor of his cab after an 8 hour drive!), but they could also be dangerous. On page 8-1117, Volume 4 of the GM authorized service manual from Helm Inc. states:

"Caution: If any water enters the vehicle's interior up to the level of the carpet or higher and soaks the carpet, the sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) and the SDM harness connector may need to be replaced. The SDM could be activated when powered, which could cause the deployment of the airbag(s) and result in personal injury."

Is There Anything I Can Do?

The above example is an extreme scenario, but after paying $30,000 for your Avalanche, why settle for excuses and aggravation anymore? If you would like to know whether or not a legitimate claim for recovery under the lemon law is available to you due to water leaks with your Chevrolet Avalanche, take a moment to read through this web site and submit your information for a Free Case Review or contact any of the attorneys listed. There is no cost or fee for doing so.

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