Other GM Problems?

Have you had or are you currently having other problems that you don't see listed with your GM car, truck or SUV? You are not alone! 1000's of other consumers have had problems with their GM vehicles. You should know that most state and Federal consumer lemon laws or warranty laws provide a right to a refund or a new car in any situation where the use, value or safety has been substantially affected. Certainly any problems can be distracting at best, or lead to disastrous consequences at worst. That consumers can obtain free legal representation from skilled and experienced consumer lemon law attorneys for such claims is also a little known fact. Why settle for excuses and aggravation anymore?

If you would like to know whether or not a legitimate claim for recovery under the lemon law is available to you, take a moment to read through this web site and fill out our Case Review Form or contact any of the attorneys listed. There is no cost or fee for doing so.

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